Istanbul Spring bloom

  • 24/09/2021

Istanbul Spring blooms daily in the lanes of the archaeological district of Beyoglu in central Istanbul, in its brightest place, the Flower Pass (Çiçek Pasajı).

The Flower Pass is one of the oldest inhabited places in Beyoglu, which is still distinguished to this day with its own fingerprint, and has a long story, which began in the famous "Naum" theater for parades, songs and plays, which used to receive sultans and princes such as Sultan Abdul Hamid II and Sultan Abdul Aziz, and was a street for nights and nights Navigator before being killed by the Beyoglu Fire in 1879.
Then after the fire an Italian engineer came and rebuilt the street and rebuilt it again, and built it in a roof similar to the Hamidiyeh market in the Levant, and it included about 24 shops and the place was built on five floors.

The corridor took its modern name during the era of the Turkish Republic, as it became a street for selling flowers of all kinds and varieties. It was visited by people from everywhere, even after the Russian Revolution, women from the gentry came specially to get flowers from the aisle.
Today, the corridor is one of the quietest, most elegant and upscale places, as in 1940 it included cafes and restaurants serving Ottoman-style food, and restaurants in it contained a group of chefs to be one of the best restaurants in Istanbul.

The cafes and restaurants there offer many varieties of food, as you can find all Turkish grills and most traditional Turkish food, and restaurants there operate on an open buffet system at varying prices per person, and the corridor includes more than twenty restaurants with different designs for the sessions.